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Sacred Apothecary


Dread Beads

All of the Dread Beads in the shop are hand crafted beads from hand made molds. Poured with high quality, crystal clear resin incorporating pieces from the natural world, each bead carries unique energy and is a one off piece.

Sacred Incense & Oils

Hand made Essential Oil Blends and Sacred Incense Blends for healing and relaxation. Each Herbal and Crystal inclusion in these blends is chosen for it's specific healing qualities. 


A new inclusion into the Sacred Shop is the handmade jewellery. One off pieces never to be seen elsewhere, crafted with crystals and natural inclusions these items will adorn your look like no other.


These macrame pieces are one of a kind. Made mostly with fine cotton twine and sustainably sourced drift wood. Each piece is knotted and designed through intuitively guided Reiki hands.

Sacred Soaks

Sacred Soaks are made with all pure and natural ingredients. These are usually crafted small batch or made to order as they contain no preservatives. Each blend lends itself to specific remedial benefits.

One Offs

I craft where my heart leads me. One off items in the shop may be herbal rubs, candles, handmade talismans, crystals and more. If you see something that speaks to you make sure to grab it as items like this won't and can't be remade.

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As most of the items in the shop are made with fresh or limited ingredients, we do not carry them in bulk meaning items are small batch, one offs or made to order. Check in regularly to see what's on hand.