Sacred Healing Sessions

Energetic healing is delivered in a few different forms and techniques, each unique to the client or practitioner. Depending on your situation and needs it is important to research and find a healer you connect with and offers the type of session you are after at this stage in your journey. Below are the forms of healing I offer to clients everyday, each customised to offer the client exactly what they need.


Energy Healing

Reiki channels the universal life force from practitioner to client through gentle, energetic healing. This form of non invasive healing helps hundreds of ailments both physically, mentally and spiritually. Opening and releasing blocks from your chakras and realigning your energy field to promote health and happiness first beginning in your ethereal body. Crystals are used in my healing sessions to activate your light column, help harmonize, cleanse and balance your chakra energy through their ability to stabillise energetic frequencies.

(Reiki energy healing is not bound by time or place and can be performed via distance sessions)

Intuitive Balinese Massage

This form of massage incorporates long flowing, deep tissue strokes to release knotted tissue and takes you into a meditation to connect and facilitate a healing process for the body on all three levels; mind, body and spirit. This is a full body massage to balance and heal using universal energy to connect client to practitioner. This massage improves many ailments inc. stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

(Unfortunately not available while I am touring the country :( )

Munay Ki

The Munay Ki rites will transform your luminous field and raise your vibration. Deepen your connection with Gaia and help raise the vibration of the entire planet. Receive the 9 Rites of the Munay KI plus the 13th Rite of the Womb or if you choose, also learn to pass them on through a series of in person attunements yourself. Contact me for more information about the Munay Ki or to organise a day or two to receive your attunements. The short Munay Ki course comes with an information book and Pi stone to keep.

(Must be in person to receive these rites) 


Through Tarot gain a deeper understanding of your past, present and future life. Used as guidance for thousands of years the Tarot will interpret your energy and give meaning to situations and alternate perspectives you never noticed before. My Tarot readings can be sent online as I connect to your energy field through your name I do not have to be in person. Book a session online today to have your personal spread emailed to you as soon as it's read. 

Having a healing session with me...

"Through the healing modalities, holistic remedies and courses I offer I want you to realize how well your body can tune in and heal itself. I am creating a sacred container, a super laid back and comfortable space for you to come and learn to love yourself. My passion is to help others seek out a more fulfilling and love filled life; for without love and happiness we are nothing. One must grow and learn to recognize we are blessed with these unique, beautiful bodies, surrounded by such natural beauty and wonder in the world. We are never alone! Everything around us breathes and contains an energetic vibration we can learn to listen to and connect with- if you dare!

I don't care where you're from, where you are going or what others think of you. I am here to connect with you right now in the present. Sharing energies and having the ability to connect with and help guide a healing session is such a gift I never take for granted. If you feel like you are interested in spending time with me and trying out a healing session, maybe for the first time, I would love to connect with you."